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Utilizing 6 scientifically backed essential ingredients, our supplements are here to help give you the testosterone support that you need. Our vitamins include:


Studies suggest the medicinal herb, ashwagandha, helps boost testosterone while also helping reduce anxiety and stress, increase strength, boost brain function, and even aid fat loss.


Fenugreek is an annual plant that is harvested worldwide to help with stomach health and has shown to promote healthy production of testosterone.

Vitamin D

An essential vitamin that is naturally produced by the body when exposed to sunlight.Healthy amounts have shown increased testosterone levels and improvements in sperm quality.


An essential mineral that has shown multiple links to men’s health. Low levels of zinc have been linked to negative e􀄅ects in men’s fertility and overall sexual health.


An essential mineral that has shown multiple links to men’s health. Magnesium has shown to help sex drive and aid in testosterone deficiencies.

D-Aspartic Acid

An amino acid that has shown to help aid in normalizing low testosterone levels and improve the quality and production of sperm.

Testosterone Boost

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Got questions? We have answers.

What causes low production of testosterone in the body?

There are multiple potential causes of low testosterone including:
Smoking or alcohol consumption,
Anxiety or stress,
High blood pressure,
High cholesterol,
In some cases, thyroid-related issues.

What are the benefits of low testosterone treatment?

Benefits differ patient to patient based on prior symptoms, but optimal benefits include:
Increased energy and decreases in mood swings,
Decreased body fat,
Increase in sex drive,
Improvements in lean muscle and bone masses,
and increased energy.

What is the role of testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone naturally made by the body that is responsible for multiple bodily
functions including but not limited to:
Energy levels and overall mood,
Growth and development of male sex organs,
Bodily maturation in males such as pubic hair growth,
The development of lean muscle mass and strength,
Sex drive.

What are the signs of low testosterone?

Symptoms of low testosterone include:
Reduced sexual drive,
Erectile dysfunction,
Hair loss,
Weight gain
Reduced lean muscle and bone mass,
Reduction in sperm count,
Di􀄆culty sleeping,
Decreased energy and or mood swings

Can I use any pharmacy?

Yes. We can fax or call in your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. You will be asked to provide your preferred pharmacy, or we’ll select one close to you with competitive pricing.

How quickly will I get my prescription after I submit my request?

Our medical practitioners will review your submission within 24-48 hours. If you do not hear back from our team even after that time please email [email protected]

Is the fee covered by employee health insurance plans?

Yes, this fee is reimbursable by most benefit plans that include a flexible health spending account. Check with your insurance provider for your exact policy. We’re happy to provide receipts compatible with your insurance provider’s reimbursement requirements.

What is your refund policy?

Your fee will be automatically refunded if you are declined a prescription.

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