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coconut oil
‐ 5 minute Read
Can coconut oil boost hair health or is it just a myth?

In the last couple of years, coconut oil’s popularity as a health supplement in skincare …

‐ 5 minute Read
Basic Vitamins for a healthy Head of Hair 

In spite of the fact that the fundamental driver of male pattern baldness is hereditary …

confident man
‐ 5 minute Read
How to keep your confidence during Hair Loss

There is something to be said for maturing effortlessly. Aging is unavoidable and it follows …

day to day habits
‐ 5 minute Read
4 daily habits that could slow down your Receding Hairline

I comprehend what you’re thinking. You’ve seen that your hairline has begun subsiding and you’re …

man inspecting scalp
‐ 5 minute Read
A guide to preventing thinning of Hair and Hair Loss

You generally cannot prevent hair loss or thinning of hair; however, you can deal with …

‐ 5 minute Read
5 Questions to ask your Barber about Hair loss

More men have been avoiding beauty parlors and going to the hairdresser for all their …

Beer Treatment
‐ 5 minute Read
Can a Topical Beer Treatment help with Hair Growth?

The short answer to this question is yes. It can be frustrating for the length …

Happy man
‐ 5 minute Read
3 ways to speed up hair loss recovery from Finasteride

Male pattern baldness has consistently been something that most men need to manage eventually during …

Man seeking help
‐ 5 minute Read
3 Ways to know it’s time for a Hair Loss Doctor

You’re becoming bald. Those are the three words that no man ever needs to hear. …