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man thinking about hairloss
‐ 5 minute Read
Is my Hair Loss Temporary or Permanent?

If you have been noticing some hair on your pillows in the morning, some hair …

‐ 5 minute Read
The Mystery of Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)

THE MYSTERY OF MALE PATTERN HAIR LOSS(MPHL) What are the cause of hair loss> Tiny …

Man wearing a hat
‐ 5 minute Read
Does wearing a Hat cause Hair Loss? You’ll never guess…

Do hats cause hair loss? To put it plainly, no. Balding is brought about by …

genes hair loss
‐ 5 minute Read
Are You Prone to Hair Loss? Easy way to find out…

Is hair loss getting you down? For what it’s worth, it can happen to almost …

shocked man
‐ 5 minute Read
4 quick checks to find out if you are balding…

The discussion no one wants to have — am I going bald? The shocking truth …

‐ 5 minute Read
Let’s find out whether creatine causes hair loss

A quick pop quiz: Would you like to have big muscles or a head full …

Myth debunked
‐ 5 minute Read
Debunking the myths related to the baldness gene

Whenever you want to give something to anyone in your family, you may often settle …

Man itchy head
‐ 5 minute Read
How is an Itchy Scalp related to Hair Loss?

While some skin conditions that cause an irritated scalp can prompt going bald, an itchy …

Happy man with hair
‐ 5 minute Read
Cost, time and side effects of a hair transplant… get the scoop

American Hair Loss Association predicts that almost two in three men in the US will …