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The Psychological Impact of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be psychologically damaging and is linked to lower self-esteem and confidence. This emotional suffering can also lead to depression and self-isolation. 

As a result, you might experience low moods, lack of interest in activities, sleep deprivation, excessive worrying and social anxiety. These symptoms can negatively impact your mental health and well-being. This is where seeking psychological therapy can help. 

While drug treatment is effective in treating hair loss, you might feel like pursuing other alternatives along with it to address these other symptoms.

Psychological therapies, such as counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) are useful in identifying these adverse feelings and providing coping mechanisms to help you deal with your hair loss. 

There are also local and online support groups available, such as those provided by the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation

Do not suffer alone. There is help out there. 

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